Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Full Circle..........Coming Home

Today is Tuesday, August 12, and I am back at the office. Tim and I left Sunday morning after saying goodbye to Betsy, Jake and Liza, who flew home. We loaded Joy in the van, and took to the highway. I was glad that we would be able to drive home, and gradually reemerge into the world of daily routine. A brief detour off of Route 77 in Virginia put us back on the parkway for a brief period so Tim could check it out, and I could get another chance to experience its magic.

Before we left the hotel, just as we were leaving in fact, we met a young woman and her mom who shared that their aunt/sister had had breast cancer. Once again, we were met with great enthusiasm and appreciation for our journey.

While staying at the hotel, I got to see Donald, a young man I had met two years ago after he had been fortunate enough to relocated from New Orleans after Katrina. He works at the hotel, and is a man who is thankful for everyday. Donald has been such a source of inspiration to me, as I met him at a time when things were quite difficult for Dale, and Donald was quite supportive.

Everybody has a story. Some learn from theirs, others are looking for the answers in the wrong places. Have you asked anyone about their story lately?

Please bear with me over the next few days, weeks, and months, as I put the pieces together, post more blogs, and pics.

that's it for now. lots of love!!!


itsdingee said...

Barbara... I am so glad and touched that your whole journey went so well!! It was so good to see you today at Hampshire Hills. You inspire me so much!

With Much Love, Emily

PEANUT said...

Wow, your journey sounds incredible - truly an inspiration. thanks!

itsdingee said...

Barbara, I thought you might like this... She is a friend of my best friends mom and she is doing something called "woven messages from the heart" here is the link, she is very inspiring.


then click on "Woven Voices"

Sick of NH Fraud said...
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Sick of NH Fraud said...

How touching. You rode your scooter off into the night while abandoning a 5-year-old child who you were paid to represent as a "guardian". How shameful that you would dare abandon a child. Why don't you do your profession a favor and raise some money (or rather steal it from a parent trying to simply have visitation with their kid) and learn how to do your job.