Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hello From Buford, Georgia.........We Have Arrived.

Hello everyone, the scooter portion of our program has come to an end. Nearly one year ago we came to this hotel in Buford for an entirely different reason. Now we are back. Timothy drove out to meet us for our last thirty miles, and we made it in just before severe thunder, lightning and rain.

We were anticipating getting together with Dale's daughter Justine tomorrow, but as we were all gathered around (me, Tim, Betsy, Jake and Liza, recounting and telling stories, Justine walked through the door. We were so excited. We sat around and laughed and cried together. With all that we have seen, done, heard and experienced over the past 21 days, being here with Justine has just reinforced once again why we have come.

For now, I just want to report that we are here safe and sound. It is time to regroup, and transition to the next level as Trails for Dale continues. Much to process, and even more to be grateful for. I love you all, love life and all the magic and mystery that it brings. And, of course, I love Dale.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you, thank you, thank you........................xxx000

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Mel said...

CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your destination, although I know your journey will continue on...

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY JAKE!!!!!!!!!! (wow, that makes me feel really old!) Lots of love and hugs to you!

Love to everyone there! xo, Melissa :)